Software as a Service

PeopleCore SaaS is a web-based application with fully integrated components and functions that will allow organizations to fully automate critical Human Resource Management functions. PeopleCore SaaS consists of the following three major components:

  • HR Management - This major component allows HR of organizations to manage and administer HR processes. HR management and staff use this module to handle operations and processes 201 and records management, benefits, attendance, payroll, and employee movements.

  • Employee Services - The system enables employees to access personal information and online forms and avail of HR services 24/7. In combination with the Managerial Service component, this module will enable the COMPANY and its target clientele to operate paperless.

  • Managerial Services - This component is intended to extend HR services to Managers and Supervisors allowing online services such as inquiry, application, and approvals of data and transactions of subordinates.

OPTIONAL SaaS Modules:

  • Billing and Contract Management System

  • Work Allocation Time Track

  • Piece-rate