Cycore’s “Propriety” iHRIS product, PeopleCore, is designed to leverage the versatility of technology and attain effective and efficient management of an organization and its most important capital, its PEOPLE. It is comprised of comprehensive and fully integrated system components which include: the HR Management Core, Applicant Service Core, Employee Service Core, Managers & Supervisors Service Core, and Biometric-Based Attendance System.

Cycore Technology Solutions Co. Inc. is a Philippine based IT solutions provider offering a wide array of services for Government, Private, and Foreign owned companies.  Cycore takes pride in being an excellent partner for companies in need of Information Technology competency and service flexibility by boasting a team of consultants and technical specialists possessing decades of experience thereby ensuring the timely delivery of superior services.

Cycore Technology Solutions Co. Inc. is an IT company established in February 2006 aimed to provide both government and private clients with holistic approach in addressing its requirements for HR and IT. It is our vision to provide the best HR solution to empower HR and allow organizations to leverage on technologies and achieve effective and efficient operations.




Applicant Service

PeopleCore allows online company recruitment, making the recruitment process easier. Saves you cost and time all the while. It integrates all your critical HR processes including staffing and recruitment database. more 



PeopleCore’s HR system has comprehensive and integrated modules & features specifically designed for HR and HR managers. Everything is optimized for the types of transactions and routines they handle with just a click. more 


Employee Service

Our Employee Service Core allows employees to access their HR records anytime. Employees can check their schedule, submit applications and even view their payroll information, and all of these things can be done online. more 


Managers and Supervisors

PeopleCore enables personnel transactions to be viewed and managed by Managers & Supervisors online. Paperless operations of everyday tasks allow Managers & Supervisors to even approve pending applications at the comfort of their home, so they stay on  more